Comparisons between iPhone 6 iPhone 6s


Comparison of iPhone 6 with the iPhone 6S - In this year's big event held in San Francisco yesterday when the American apparently other than Officially released Apple iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4 but Also the release of Reviews their flagship smartphone in the series iPhone the iPhone 6S and S6 Plus .Its make-curious certainly not a device but the spec inside, excess shortages as well as differences with the iPhone 6S series 6 Earlier. Considering it's only just upgraded versions of existing ones so that if there is no difference in the more wear old gadgets. Surely there must be changes here and there about technology and software. For the following we review of the specification, price and the difference between the iPhone 6 with iPhone 6S.

When Compared to the iPhone 6 and 6s at a glance it nothing has changed because of equally sized 4.7-inch screen, but if note further that there are some things that a significant change. It can be seen from the side of the body Although the same shape but the material Spoken different. iPhone 6 still using 6000 aluminum material while the iPhone 6S and 6s plus aluminum Zinc 7000 the same used by Apple Smartwatch. Of course, advanced material has better durability than the previous series. Also there are changes that are less important than the appearance that the addition of color rose gold that does not exist in before.

Apple iPhone 6S vs Apple iPhone 6

Comparisons with the iPhone 6 iPhone 6s

Somewhat important changes course section OS is an Increase of OS iOS 8 to iOS 9. Then Also has facilities for sophisticated on-screen 3D Touch iPhone 6S namely that Identifies the touch of the screen with a certain. Thus pressure Also on the side of the camera HAS ALSO been upgraded iPhone 6S to 12 MP behind and 5MP front. Also do not forget Increased connectivity with wi-fi facilities faster and 4G LTE support.

Equation iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S is retained is the internal memory variants surviving Therein 16.64 and 128 GB. Processors who masterminded the iPhone 6s are Also one level higher than before and brought the A9 roomates certainly had more speed than A8. So tight there is Also a companion processor to add the main processor M9 work. Lastly despite both using finger print feature through touchID but this time secured more quickly intervening and accurately.
Comparisons between iPhone 6 iPhone 6s 4.5 5 Samuel Kurnianta Comparison of iPhone 6 with the iPhone 6S - In this year's big event held in San Francisco yesterday when the American apparently other...

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