Full Review Xiaomi redmi 3 and Camera Results


This time we will review the smartphone keluaram Xiaomi is redmi 3, indeed as we know Xiaomi always remove smartphoen with prices that are affordable, but the quality is good enough for the class smartphone with a price like that, without exception redmi 3, a smartphone qualified.

We always start with a discussion of design or design, actually although redmi note 3 and redmi 3 is different, but in terms of design, redmi 3 much to the redmi note 3, in addition redmi 3 is a smartphone from Xiaomi with mini size, this make the smartphone uncomfortable to handle and inserted into the pocket of our pants.

But the material body Xiaomi redmi 3 is made of metal, thus displaying the premium impression on the smartphone. With a screen size of 5 inches in the added metal materials, in addition to the premium look, this smartphone also looks strong, but redmi 3 Xiaomi battery is not removable or non-removable.

At the top there is a microphone, sensor infrared sensor and a mini-jack for a headset or earphones, while on the right side redmi 3, there are volume keys, and on the left there is a micro SD slot and sim card slot, and heavy Xiaomi redmi 3 is 144 g, of a fusion-fusion of the above, it is clear we are given comfort when using this smartphone with just one hand.

Xiaomi redmi 3

Display, Screen Display And Xiaomi redmi 3

For business display screen or display, we do not expect much indeed, since it may also redmi 3 can not be as efficacious as to what we expect for the affairs of the screen, some weakness is found, Xiaomi redmi 3 has a screen with the LCD panel IPS that resolution 720p HD 5-inch size.

Xiaomi redmi 3 actually has a pretty good color contrast, but when we are in bright light or in daylight under sunlight, the screen will be hard to see, this is what makes lack on-screen display or display Xiaomi redmi 3.

Incomplete if we do not discuss about the hardware that will certainly affect the performance of Xiaomi 3 redmi this, well what about the hardware Xiaomi 3 redmi this? considering for an affordable price, actually the performance or the performance of redmi 3 was already termausk extraordinary if we remember the issue price.

Because redmi 3 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 64-bit, we did it a little lag. typing less responsive but in our opinion this is not a big problem, tatapi for normal use, we will be pampered with a smooth performance.

Xiaomi redmi 3 screen

When we play games, redmi 3 can work as expected so although we may find little lag, and it's still reasonable limits. To play the game is redmi 3 can count on due to the use of GPU Adreno 405. As well as 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of memory inetrnal we can do multi tasking smoothly.

And to issue koneksifitas, redmi 3 is quite complete because there are 802.11n Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth 4.1, and all this can work well. But redmi 3 also uses dual sim and also we can also add a micro SD up to 128 GB.

And to issue speaker, Xiaomi redmi 3 has a speaker quality powerful, the sound quality mantep, to phone the front speakers are also very clear, even when we play music with speakers, this will sound very good, apart from that we can also configure when using headphones.

Camera Xiaomi redmi 3

For the problem of camera, Xiaomi redmi 3 has a capacity of camera is quite good for a smartphone at an affordable price, with rear camera 13MP is equipped with LED flash, for a nice light during the day redmi 3 can produce good photographs, with good detail.

Camera Xiaomi redmi 3
Camera Xiaomi redmi 3
Camera Xiaomi redmi 3

In the dark light, the result is like most smartphones, artifacts noise-noise or spots, tatepi works well if the light in the roar was enough, while the front camera with a capacity of 5 MP front camera does not sbeaik high-end smartphones, but enough well when we do selfie, and here are the results redmi 3 Xiaomi camera.

Software Xiaomi redmi 3

Xiaomi redmi 3 uses Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with MIUI version 7, but unfortunately locked bootloader, so we can not flash with another OS, to perform the update we need to use Xiaomi Mi PC Suite on the computer.

Xiaomi battery redmi 3

Well this makes Xiaomi redmi 3 incredible, battrey which has durability potent, with capacity 4000mAh smartphone is can last a long time even though we use it to run on medos, and sync on all, phone calls and play games, battery life redmi 3 can be to impress. Some even use it in a reasonable and not too heavy, the battery can last for 2 days.

Full specifications Xiaomi redmi 3

Spek Xiaomi redmi 3

Thus our article on Review Xiaomi redmi 3  below we give a final rating, and the final assessment, the friends are also able to give ratings to rate the user rating, and if there are less obvious, friends can ask us in the comments field, and if your friends have any other info, please share them with us in the comments field
Full Review Xiaomi redmi 3 and Camera Results 4.5 5 Samuel Kurnianta This time we will review the smartphone keluaram Xiaomi is redmi 3, indeed as we know Xiaomi always remove smartphoen with prices that are a...

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