Disk Fragmentation Causes Slow Computer


Disk Fragmentation

You have a computer today? How long the computer do you have? Similarly, living beings, the computer belongs to you too must also have a normal range of usage. Good software on it that can be expired, or its hardware can also be damaged. Of all the hardware on your computer is the hard disk.

Through this device you used to do file storage in the form of documents, photos, images, and video. Sometimes the hard drive would have failed in the storage file or reading a file. For instance, you may have to save a file on the hard drive so long outdated, the file may There but can not be copied or opened. It could be yours too fragmented hard drive, of course, one alternative solution is to use cloud storage.

In general, any file on a hard drive that is stored on it will be written on a block adjacent block. The more you use a hard drive to save disk then automatically block will be filled and of course the display will be fully charged capacity so that you are no longer able to use it when all blocks have been filled. Not only about the full block, but also about activities in the hard disk itself in the form of the addition, modification or deletion of files will also have an effect on the hard disk itself. This is what led to fragmentation on the disk.

Fragmentation is a condition that can not be avoided. Ie where each block files scattered on storage space, so when you make access to a computer file will need additional time to search a separate section.

You can analogize only with the following cases. ABCD is the same files and occupy different blocks.

  • As you can see in the first row when the file is still there conversion.
  • Then the second row, so the file is deleted automatically block B will experience a void between the blocks where the file A and the file block B.
  • File E added on the third line, but the difference is the file E has a smaller size. So it will automatically be left a little space from the files of type B previously. By a remote computer is still considered to be the distance between E file with the file C.
  • And on line 4, you add a file F. Because the file is larger then the storage capacity is divided in the empty space between the file E and C files, and subsequently placed on the file after the file D.

Short description like this was probably still you can imagine, but not your own hard disk device also has storage is not small? Could not imagine if the storage is made up of thousands to millions of files scattered. Given this reality, so it necessary to defrag your computer hard drive? According to the author it is up to you what operating system users. Because it is the basis of all operating systems have different ways of doing the reading disk.
Disk Fragmentation Causes Slow Computer 4.5 5 Samuel Kurnianta You have a computer today? How long the computer do you have? Similarly, living beings, the computer belongs to you too must also have a ...

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