how to make android faster


make android faster

Along with age, the Android smartphone will run into problems. Slow and memory into a classic problem. Well, for those who marsupial tight, buy a new smartphone with better specs do not seem to count. Therefore, you need to try a few simple tips to make your Android smartphone has excellent performance.

make android faster

Factory data reset
Surely you ever install or remove a number of applications on Android smartphones. Some applications are not used again certainly running in the background, suck batteries and other resources. Well, do a factory data reset is a step that can be selected so that the performance of the smartphone back fresh. Then, reformat the storage media either internal or microSD, so, any files you do not need not vanished and provide additional capacity vacant.

After resetting the data, make sure that you only install the required application or game. Thus, there is no longer the resource of smartphones used in vain.

Update software
Check the availability of the software and installing it is one right way to maximize the performance of the smartphone. Because updates are generally brought a number of handling problems and improve battery life.

The lack of space Random Access Memory (RAM) can cause Android smartphone becomes slow. This happens because of the many applications that run in the background and requires the allocation of RAM. Therefore disable applications on the system becomes a great way to provide a more airy RAM.

Unfortunately, the feature is disabled on the system application is only available on Android 4.0 Jelly Bean or later. This feature can be accessed by visiting the Settings menu> Apps / Application Manager and then slide to the All tab.

Of that feature, you can have the app you want disabled running on the system by having the Disable option. Remember, do not disable all applications on the system because it can cause stability problems.

It is mandatory that the application must be installed on an older Android device. This application lets you perform hibernation applications running in the background.

This will help to save resources and improve battery life. Interestingly, Greenify has no side effects whatsoever.

Use Autostart Programs
If you are already rooting your Android device, you can use applications such as auto starts to set which application will run automatically. That would speed up the boot process.

Well, good tips on how to make your Android faster on top can be useful. Because it sometimes make annoyed too if Android we often lag or slow.
how to make android faster 4.5 5 Samuel Kurnianta Along with age, the Android smartphone will run into problems. Slow and memory into a classic problem. Well, for those who marsupial tigh...

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