How to Secure Android Smartphone


Protecting Android Smartphone | Android is the most popular operating system in the world. One of the main reasons why the Android OS is so well liked is its flexibility in terms of customization and the many applications provided by third parties.

Applications that pass the selection will be distributed or sold in the marketplace provider of Android apps, Google Play Store. However, all this simplicity also makes Android vulnerable to various security threats and malware.

Plus, by increasing our dependence on smartphones and tablets, we will store more personal data on Android devices that could potentially be stolen by parties who are not responsible.

So, how do you protect yourself from the various forms of theft of personal data on your Android device? Here are 10 tips on how to secure your Android gadgets.

Secure Android Smartphone

Easy Tips to Protect Your Android Device

Use the lock screen
One of the most common ways used to protect Android devices by using lock screen (screen lock). This method is useful to prevent others from accessing your phone.

How to activate it, go to the menu Settings> Security Settings, then select the type of security: Pattern or PIN. Once activation is successful, your smartphone can be set in order to lock automatically when inactive.

Encrypt the data on your Android device

Android allows you to encrypt all the data on your phone. Each time you want to access your Android device, you have to enter a password or PIN to decrypt all the data.

If the smart phone you are in the wrong hands, they will not be able to access any data on your phone even if the device is restarted. In this way, your sensitive data will remain safe even if the device to be rather slow. How activation, enter the menu Settings> Security Settings.

Using personal devices for work? Consult with an expert
According to ESET security solutions company, approximately 30-40% of the devices in the workplace vulnerable to security threats and malware except for those who understand IT.

If you plan to use your Android device to work, you should first consult with a team of IT workplace.

Turn on Android Device Manager
Features Android Device Manager allows you to track your Android device is connected to Google Maps at any time if you lose your phone.

This feature also allows you to ring your phone with a maximum volume for five minutes and be able to delete all the data on it. To check if the feature is enabled on your smartphone, please go to the Settings menu, then tap Security. Next, select Device Administrators.

Do not save sensitive data on the SD card
Make sure you do not store sensitive information such as credit card ID or PIN ATM card external memory as easily erased and error. If indeed you are forced to store personal data on your phone, use internal memory.

Thus tips to protect your android device. Always take precautions by practicing the above tips to avoid things that are not desirable.
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